Reimagine a life in full definition

Turn the page. Walk through the gates. Switch on the lights. Whatever your next step is… take it now. The dream you've been carrying is ready to be born.

Join me for three transformational days that will set you in motion.



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your future is bright

3 days of coaching for women who know they carry a promise, an idea or a business plan. I will equip you with proven tools that will clarify your vision, flesh out your process and help set goals to start your side hustle.

Get ready for THREE days of dreaming, vision, goal setting and beauty. This is a call to expand your dream and see it flourish!


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Let’s develop your side hustle.

Get valuable tools to start right now.

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Day 1: SHAPING your dream

Rediscover your hearts’ desires. It’s been a tough season for many, but when loss is placed in Gods’ hands, redemption is a guaranteed outcome. In this session we are going to dive deep to reclaim what was lost, delayed or broken and allow it to be brought back to life. Rediscover the golden thread that runs from your wardrobe to your workplace.

Day 2: Your dream in SCAFFOLDING

Planning is the scaffolding for success. In this session we are going to discuss the ‘HOW’. We are going to build a bridge from the big idea to making it a reality in the here and now. I will also teach you how to create alternative income streams that align with your purpose.

Day 3: Use your stamp of SIGNIFICANCE

No more playing small. This final session is where we get to fill our faith tanks and contemplate the scope of our impact for generations to come. It is so important that we embark on these individual journeys. There is power in living with purpose, in celebrating authentic beauty and living in full colour. It will resound through our lives and inspire life and growth in those around us.


5 upshots you will gain from joining this event:

  • Rediscover your identity in clothing, in colour, in your dreams and purpose
  • Discover alternative income streams that align with your ‘WHY’
  • Tried and tested ways to set solid goals.
  • Shake off the old season and be reinvigorated for the road ahead
  • Having the confidence to take massive action without fear of what others will think or fear of failure.

This is your sign, it is time

Are you ready to reimagine a life in full definition? Turn the page. Walk through the gates. Dust off the blank canvas. Take out that old journal. Switch on the lights. Whatever your next step is…


3 day event

  • 3 Teaching/Coaching Calls
  • Private Facebook Group with giveaways, community & lots of tools to kickstart the new year
  • Made for More workbook
  • What’s your purpose guide: download
  • Limited time access to the replays

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I access my course?

Our Made for More course is hosted in Kajabi. If you do not already have an account with us, you will be prompted to create one upon your purchase.

Q: Does the course expire?

Yes the course expires 27 February 2023.

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It is time for action. You are carrying a dream that is ready to be born.