The most beautiful knot you’ll ever tie

In the heart of hearts and dream of dreams lies the wedding day. How can one measure the passion and detail that is poured into this significant moment?

Join me for a 1-day prophetic experience where we will reveal the deeper meaning behind the crowning elements of your celebration.

Forget replicating an insta-worthy wedding, it’s more than that.

Let’s make it authentic and unforgettable.


What is your Blueprint Wedding Style?

One day prophetic experience with Nina..

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What is your Blueprint Wedding Style?

One day prophetic experience with Nina..

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Tuesday, 20 June, 2023 7-9:00 PM South African Time











Define your moment in time.

In this course we are going to drill down into the deeper meaning of why certain wedding styles, colors and expressions speak to you and why that is important.

I want to help you to put real heart into your wedding day and help you save money while doing it. Using my established methods and tools, you will walk away from this course with a wedding day plan of action full of beauty, truth and style.


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Who is it for?

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What will you get?

Unique Significance

Your source of true inspiration will always spring forth from knowing that you are God's most treasured masterpiece, His Bride.

A Clear Vision

Time to spring clean those inspiration boards! Once you have discovered your prophetic thread, I will show you how to declutter the ‘idea overload’ and stick to what harmonizes with your authentic wedding day vision.

New Bright Ideas

Gain ideas that sync with your style, personality and budget. I will help you crack open those ideas to make them easy to implement in both the planning stages and on your Big Day!


Tested Tips & Tools

Let me show you how to plan well for your wedding day, step by step. I will also share my list of my favourite suppliers that offer creative delight!


Connected Community

Befriend fellow brides journeying on the same path, you will have opportunity to  connect with other ladies joining the event. If you are in the wedding industry, you will be given the chance to join my affiliate network.

Cool Confidence

Once you are done with this event, you will feel equipped, excited, and ready to make your dream wedding a reality!

Unveiling Your Royal Blueprint

Module 1: Prophesy through your wedding day

We start the first session by dusting off the inspiration fatigue and awakening to choices thatresonate with YOUR God-given identity. Stop the overwhelm caused by Pinterest boards andyour old school friends’ wedding pics. Come back to the Source of your ultimate celebration and creativity, He will give you a canvas from heaven to design your dream wedding!

Module 2: You, a Bride of Splendour

Nothing is more personal and intricate than the wedding attire of each individual bride. Passionate thought-process goes into the conceptualization of these crowning bridal elements. This is such a personal journey for each woman. Here I will guide you how to find harmony between the ring, the dress and the bouquet. It’s going to be utterly unique and beautifully you!.

Module 3: Elevate Wedding Décor

Wedding Décor is not just about flowing with the theme of your wedding, but also the couple’s personalities. Every element at the venue holds a lot of weight. The table décor isthe place where you can display the prophetic vision not just for your wedding day but foryour life as a married couple. Learn clever tricks and tips on how to make it a wholeheartedwedding that feels luxurious in the right way - without blowing the budget.

Module 4: Joy Bringers, your Bridal Party

In our final session, I’ll share methods on how to plan well with your dream team, to ensure a stress-free experience for you, your mom and your bridesmaids. When in sync, your bridesmaids can strengthen the prophetic message through the chosen theme and colorway. The Mother of the Bride will also add a layer of meaning and significance through her outfit and role on the day. Let’s create a day full of joy and connection!

Image Architect, Imagineer, and Multi-Creative Educator.

I’m here to offer you my lifetime collection of revelatory insight through a visual adventure of self-discovery.
This process is encapsulated in the Royal Blueprint where we dive into identity, design, career, and calling.
I’m here to help you discover your dream and give you the tools to build it well.

There was a moment in my history when I found myself at a crossroads. I knew what success felt like, as a former CEO and Award Winning Entrepreneur in South Africa. I was confident as an established businesswoman in the clothing industry, hosting motivational seminars and corporate image events, it appeared to be a good place to settle.

But my soul was in greyscale. I had only seen a glimpse of what I had hoped to see and I woke up to realize that the secret to full technicolor living was giving my treasured keys to other women.

I accepted the mission as Heaven’s stylist, to help women become free, colorful, and fully alive.

Since embarking on this journey as an Image Architect and Dream Activator,
I have had the incredible honor of witnessing thousands of women discover their own beauty within God’s unfolding picture on earth.

Nothing invigorates me more than to be a catalyst that helps individual women embrace and physically flesh out their unique calling and purpose.

Join me on this journey of discovering God’s love through your being, your life, and your calling. By signing up for the Royal Blueprint, you will come face to face with the elements of a beautiful life and make the shift in your reality today.


Tell your mom, tell your best friend, we are going to have a whimsical time together!


Online 2 day event

  • 2 Teaching/ Coaching Call
  • Royal Blueprint Workbook
  • Prophetic Color Chart
  • 12 Different Color Combinations Template to Build YOUR Wedding


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God is the author of romance, and creator of you.

Let’s see how your wedding day will look from Heaven’s